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Autumn Cleaning Essentials for Apartment Building Owners

Autumn Cleaning Essentials for Apartment Building Owners

As the Summer heat cools off and daylight hours shrink, Seattle residents are spending more and more time indoors. For local apartment building managers and owners, stepping into the Fall means several essential upkeep items are coming due. Today we're going to talk about some key ones to address before we settle in for the colder, wetter months.

Trim back tree branches & clear fallen leaves

Many people don't realize this, but rain and snow falling from the sky is rarely what causes property damage. Instead, it is over-burdened branches that snap or are blown off which cause damage the to roof and siding of your properties. The Fall is an ideal time to take care of over-reaching tree limbs and unchecked growth. 

Clear roofs & inspect the gutters

Any roof of your property that sits parallel to the ground is at high-risk of accumulating debris. In the fall and into the winter, those debris can hold onto moisture and cause rot or become home to rodents and pests. These problems are exacerbated by clogged or partially-blocked drainage systems, so have professionals check and clear the gutters before windier, wetter days arrive.

Winterize A/C & prepare to run heat full-time

Changing seasons means shifting HVAC needs- with daily temperatures dropping, it's time to think about winterizing your air-cooling unit. Be sure your outdoor compressor unit isn't getting buried in plant detritus or set to be flooded when rain comes. Building heat will soon go on, and remain that way for months to come, so get preventative heat maintenance handled before the real cold days come. 

Don't forget the interiors

Most people in the PNW will agree that Autumn is a season to get warm and cozy - spending more time inside in the comfort of their dwellings. If any shared spaces like gyms, pools, or offices were hastily closed months ago for COVID, now is a perfect time to tidy visible messes. Additionally, a couple of inexpensive Fall decorations can help to make spaces feel harvest-ready. Consider a splash of warm Autumnal colors (orange, red, brown, yellow) or bring feelings of youth to residents with Halloween decorations like pumpkins. 

The transition into Fall is the time to ensure your properties and business will finish the year in great shape. We're ready to help you tidy not just your buildings but all of the property management headaches that stand between you and a comfortable Autumn. If you're ready to partner with the Northwest's premier PM team, get in touch with us today.