What our clients are saying

"The Guide Property Services team was able to remove unnecessary building expenses and bring my property to market rents for the neighborhood. They offered some great building suggestions that the tenants have really enjoyed. Guide brought a different approach to leasing that has been extremely effective so far. I am in the process of moving my other properties over to them from a different management company. Looking forward to the future with Guide Property Services."
- Capitol Hill Apartment owner

"Guide Property Services manages our entire apartment portfolio. They have cut maintenance expenses with their in house maintenance crew and have done a fantastic job with the apartment remodels over the past year. Revenues have increased and expenses are down, we couldn’t be happier with their work and are impressed with their knowledge of the rental market."
- Seattle Apartment owner

"These guys are great! I was reluctant to hand over my property after years of getting to know my residents and handling the maintenance. But my residents love their staff, super friendly and tech savy software geared towards the residents. Communication is easy, and residents can now pay rent and submit maintenance requests online."
- Ballard Apartment owner