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Four Spring Cleaning Essentials for Seattle Property Owners

The long Seattle winter has left us and as the sun begins to peek from hiding, so do opportunities to care for our properties and for our businesses. In an uncertain rental climate, it is more important than ever to be implementing cost-efficient ways to keep our tenants happy and our units full. 

From actual physical cleaning to relationship maintenance, we have assembled simple tasks from what we know heading into May.

1. Do Preventative Upkeep

With an impending need for functioning air conditioning, there is no time like the current to test your A/C and have your HVAC systems checked. Obviously we're not grabbing swim suits and heading to the beach, but Seattle renters can expect many days reaching the mid-70's and even a handful in the 80's and you want to have systems ready to go before they have to be used. 

2. Clear the Dirt

Winter made our buildings dingy - it's time to clean windows and power wash walkways. Even if your Seattle property didn't receive much snowfall, the rainy season still means unsightly erosion and gunk built up. Beyond that, tenants are spending more time at home than ever before. Walking around the neighborhood is increasing people's outdoor activity of choice, so it is not just a matter of curb appeal but also one of promoting a sense of comfort and community.

3. Engage your Residents

As in all relationships, communication with residents is paramount. They should be informed of additional protective measures taken for their benefit through times of concern. Sanitizing elevators? Offering new incentives for on-time rent payment? According to a report on tenant retention by Rentals, “Tenants satisfied with property management are more than 3x’s as likely to renew”, so let them know you have their backs.

4. Review the Books

Spring and Summer is the prime time for Seattle renters to move and a fresh start means it's time to review your contracts and budget. Ask yourself if you're getting full value from all of your vendors for the work being done or if it's time to look at a more fully integrated solution to your problems.

Guide Property Services can take care of all of these and many more critical tasks you face as a Seattle-area property owner, contact us TODAY!