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How to Advertise Your Seattle Rental Property – Marketing Tips from a Professional Property Manager

To successfully rent out an apartment, you need to know how to advertise rental property. Today, we are sharing a few of our little tricks and tips that we use as professional property managers

Property Management Seattle: Photographs

When marketing a rental property, your photos are key. It’s the first thing people see when they’re scrolling through a site, looking for an apartment. If your photos don’t immediately catch their eye, they will move on. Bright photos are best, and the more photos, the better. Have a few shots of the building’s exterior. We always recommend you bring in a professional photographer to best capture the unit in the best light with the best features. 

Property Management Seattle: Descriptions

Make sure your descriptions are as detailed as possible. This will eliminate any additional questions before a showing, and good descriptions allow tenants to weigh if your unit is really going to be their best decision. List all of the monthly costs and the amount they’ll need to move in. Describe whether the property is pet friendly. State whether you provide parking, and if there are other amenities in the building. These will be necessary for the renter to decide if they want to come to a showing. 

Property Management Seattle: Online Advertising

In today’s highly competitive rental market, it’s crucial to have your ad anywhere you can online. Everyone is mobile-friendly, and about 75 percent of prospects will use a mobile device to search for properties. Our portal is amazing. It blasts out ads to over 30 syndicate websites. 

Make sure your property manager is responsive. You need your management team to get back to prospective tenants via text, email, and phone calls. Keep those potential tenants interested in your property. If you wait 24 or even 12 hours, they will be gone. 

If you’d like to hear more about marketing rental property or anything pertaining to Seattle property management, please contact us at Guide Property Services. We look forward to working with you.